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The Multilevel Underground

Is it possible to nearly double traffic capacity of the existing underground lines, at that ensuring more conveniences for passengers, whose quantity is steadily increasing every year? We are answering this question in the affirmative manner and submitting for consideration two solutions.

In the first variant it is supposed to extend the height of the underground tunnel by one and a half-two meters and running of double-deck coaches at least in rush hours. Boarding on these coaches can be performed from a two-storied platform or, for example, one can go up to the second deck from the central door. Of course, passengers traveling long distances will prefer to go up to the second deck. In order to minimize soil excavation, construction of the second deck can be provided with a minimal required height, only with sitting places. For deep line tunnels increase in height can be carried out practically without problems, and for shallow line stations and tunnels will be needed every inch of height.

The second variant supposes separating the tunnel on two parts - two floors after extending tunnel height. On the lower floor will be running an ordinary subway train, and the upper floor will contain an underpass for high-speed locomotives or several coaches with 3-4 stops on the underground line. In our opinion, using a string transport providing a speed of 300-400 kilometers an hour in the upper floor will have great prospects.

Using bearings of 10-30 meters high, starting from an airport up to terminal stations in outlying districts, and then as though diving under the ground into the upper floor of subway tunnel, the string transport (imagine an elongated minibus of streamlined form) as an underground taxi can take people to a downtown or to an airport in just few minutes. High-speed underground taxis have great prospects in large cities as the only means of high-speed transportation.
Without doubt, when building new subway lines an optimal solution will be construction of tunnels, height of which will allow passing of double-deck coaches and one (or more) underpass for high-speed underground taxis.

That is our vision of the future underground.



The Multilevel Underground

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