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Title Issue, year Name of article
Shipping  (Odessa) ¹1-2, 2001 Transport trimarans – transtrims
Navy (Moscow) ¹2, 2001 Marine technologies of the 21st : transport trimarans – transtrims
Industrial Policy in Russian Federation (Moscow) ¹3, 2001 Development of sea transport trimarans
Science and Industry of Russia (Moscow) ¹9, 2001 The latest transport and information technologies – the strategic factor of Russia’s breakthrough in the 21st century


Title Issue, date Name of article
Izvestia, “Science” supplement ¹8, 06.07.2001 What we’ll sail and fly on in this century
Nezavisimaya Gazeta, “Science” supplement ¹1, 24.01.2001 Trimaran – rescuer of submarines
Transport of Russia ¹29, 20.07.2001 Transport trimarans. Part I
Transport of Russia ¹30, 27.07.2001 Transport trimarans. Part II
River craft bulletin ¹2, 27.07.2001 Transtrim –  the vessel of tomorrow
Novoe Delo ¹34, 25.08.2000 Trimaran – rescuer of submarines


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