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Transport trimarans with the opening bottom of the middle hull can rescue and raise sunken ships, submarines and other objects from the bottom of the sea. Occasional accidents with submarines serve as a grievous confirmation of the necessity of building transtrims-salvage vessels.

Depressurization of the bottom always caused the ship wreck. But for the transport trimaran depressurization of the middle hull is provided constructively. The side hulls will ensure the transtrim-salvage vessel not only buoyancy, but also maneuverability, since they are equipped with marine engines. Such a trimaran-salvage vessel while staying afloat above a wrecked submarine will lower its tackle and fix on the submarine, then pull it up from the sea floor and pull it into the middle hull. The huge trimaran-salvage vessel of 100-150 thousand tons displacement is definitely capable of raising such a burden.

Transtrims-salvage vessels can become a basis of global system for rescuing people and cargo on water. 10-15 vessels of such type located evenly in all oceans of the world will become an effective instrument of rescue service at seas and oceans.






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