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Hamid Khalidov Dear friends!

The world around us is rapidly developing and integrating. The civilization has solved or is close to solving the most important common to all mankind problems. But development of the civilization has generated a great number of problems. Urgency of solving these problems has reached a critical point and has become obvious to the whole world community.

On this web-site we present the possible ways of solving some of these problems. These are the totals of our small teams work for the last 3-4 years and we hope it would be interesting for you to become familiar.

These are the following problems: providing mankind with fresh water, ensuring safety of passengers and freight when transporting by air and by sea, express and confidential mail service, universalization of keyboard functions for electronic devices.

As a Muslim, I feel special content by presenting the project of supplying fresh water and cooled air to pilgrims performing Hajj.

It is necessary to note that the projects have successfully undergone scientific, technical and ecological examinations by experts' commissions, were demonstrated at various international conferences and exhibitions, have received the world's recognition. These projects are based on the latest inventions and are covered by patents.

I have a strong belief that the time has come for their practical realization. In this situation big statesmen and businessmen with world-scale thinking, capable of foreseeing the ways of development of science and technology and of all humane civilization, must say their word. Undoubtedly, the world has such leaders, and I'm appealing to them to determine ways and modes of implementing the represented projects for the good of mankind.

Let The Highest help us!

Hamid Khalidov


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