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Hajj in the 21 st Century

Providing palmers with the fresh thawed water and cooled air during Hajj

There is one more very important problem, which the government and business circles of Saudi Arabia have been trying to solve for many years with the help of international scientific institutions. The question is about creating a favorable microclimate in places of palmers' accommodation and traveling during Hajj. Though a great number of projects have been considered, the answer has not been found. We offer our original way.

Imagine that from the ice-receiving plants allocated in Jeddah, along the isolated underground pipes by means of compressor stations, the thawed water and cooled air are fed to Mecca's environs, where via a distributive system they get into palmers' tents and premises. Also using suspending constructions, palmers' routes to the sacred places can be cooled down; ice and cool air can be used for cooling down meat of the sacrificed animals (before shipment to a place of destination). The calculations show that 1-2 ice-carrier ships of fifty thousand tons displacement will be required for this purpose in Hajj time. In any other time of year the cooled air and water can be used for household purposes of cities and settlements of Saudi Arabia.

It seems that such solution of the problem meets the requirements for profitability and fundamental character of the approach.




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