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In this section, authors of the site tried to collect all available
H.Y. Khalidov's works and publications reflecting the whole spectrum of his interests and occupations, and other authors' publications about his works and projects covering practically all time interval from the beginning of his working activity till the present time.

Title Date Place of publishing
"The Nuclear Potential of the Qur'an"
(in English, part of the book "Seeking knowledge")
22.09.2005 DagTech.ru
Book "Seeking knowledge"
(in Russian)
19.08.2005 Makhachkala, Daghestan Republic, Russia
Prospect of inventions "Engineer Khalidov's Global Projects"
(in English, second edition, changed, supplemented)
17.12.2004 Makhachkala, Daghestan Republic, Russia
Prospect of inventions "Engineer Khalidov's Global Projects"
(in English)
22.11.2002 Makhachkala, Daghestan Republic, Russia
Prospect of inventions "Engineer Khalidov's Global Projects"
(in Russian)
08.11.2002 Makhachkala, Daghestan Republic, Russia

Title Date Place
Presentation of the book
"Seeking knowledge"
01.09.2005 National Library of Daghestan Republic
Presentation of the prospect of inventions "Engineer Khalidov's Global Projects" 14.02.2003 National Library of Daghestan Republic

  Publications. 1998-2013   

For the last years about 100 publications in newspapers, journals and Internet-editions were dedicated to Hamid Khalidov's proceedings, works, inventions, projects and last joint with his son work "The Nuclear Potential of the Qur'an". Below a list of publications is displayed.

  Publications of site Khalidov.net   
Title Issue, year Article
Khalidov.net 19.05.2013 Faz geçişlerinde suyun yapısı ve özellikleri (The Turkish translation of an article "On structure and properties of water at phase transitions")
Khalidov.net 19.03.2013 On structure and properties of water at phase transitions

Publications. 2004-2005   
Title Issue, year Article
Daghestanskaya Pravda (Daghestan) ¹204, 09.09.2005 First in the world
Argumenty i Fakty v Daghestane (Daghestan) ¹36, 07.09.2005 100 plus one discovery
Novoye Delo (Daghestan) ¹34, 02.09.2005 All has begun from automobile accidents
Priboy Express (Daghestan Republic) ¹35, 01.09.2005 Information about the book publishing
Novoye Delo (Daghestan) ¹24, 24.06.2005 Reform of patenting: in order to invent
Russian Islamic University (Tatarstan Republic) 09.05.2005 Qur'an about structure of a matter and the Universe
Novoye Delo (Daghestan) ¹17, 06.05.2005 The world discovery: games of mind or gift of Allah?!

Science have not yet born (specialists' comments)
Novoye Delo (Daghestan) ¹16, 29.04.2005 Qur'an about structure of a matter and the Universe.
Part IV. Creating of the Universe
Islam.ru (Moscow) 19.04.2005 A new in scientific signs of the Qur'an
Novoye Delo (Daghestan) ¹14, 15.04.2005 Qur'an about structure of a matter and the Universe.
Part III. "Heavens" of the Sacred Qur'an
Novoye Delo (Daghestan) ¹13, 08.04.2005 Qur'an about structure of a matter and the Universe.
Part II. "Earth" of the Sacred Qur'an
Novoye Delo (Daghestan) ¹12, 01.04.2005 Qur'an about structure of a matter and the Universe.
Part I. "Heaven" of the Sacred Qur'an
Islam.ru (Moscow) 31.03.2005 Reform has ripened. Inventors-muslims about the protection of intellectual property in the XXI century
Novoye Delo (Daghestan) ¹11, 25.03.2005 Physics and the nuclear potential of the Qur'an
Press conference of Hamid Khalidov in the Union of Journalists of Daghestan Republic 10.03.2005 Global projects
Islam.ru (Moscow) 18.11.2004 H. Khalidov: It was predetermined by Allah for me to become an inventor

  Newspapers. 2003-2004   
Title Issue, year Article
Moskovskiy Komsomolets v Daghestane (Daghestan) ¹ , 30.06-07.07.2004 Ñlosed doors
Daghestanskaya Pravda (Daghestan) ¹ , 24.06.2004 Uncalled Science: Threat to National Security
Nedelya Kizilyurta (Daghestan) ¹8, 19.03.2004 Hamid Khalidov - an outstanding scientist
Molodyozh Daghestana (Daghestan) ¹11, 19.03.2004 Such men do not give up
(Daghestan newspaper on Kumyk language)
¹15, 26.02.2004 The time has come for the implementation of the projects
Buynakskie Izvestia (Daghestan) ¹10-11, 29.01.2004 The time has come for the projects of good
Daghestanskaya Pravda (Daghestan) ¹1-2, 01.01.2004 Report to countrymen
Molodyozh Daghestana (Daghestan) ¹51, 19.12.2003 Miraculous projects of Daghestan scientist Hamid Khalidov - on land and on sea
Al Bayan (Dubai) ¹8576, 11.12.2003 160 million dollars - the cost of Khalidov's Russian project for cooling Sacred Mecca
Al Bayan (Dubai) ¹8575, 10.12.2003 Rescue of passengers of disabled airplanes and fresh water supply with minimum expenses
Daghestanskaya Pravda (Daghestan) ¹254, 09.12.2003 An engineer can do everything
International Aerospace. Show Daily (Dubai) Day two, 08.12.2003 Russian inventor's air resque system on display in Dubai 2003
Argumenty i Fakty v Daghestane (Daghestan) ¹31, 30.07.2003 A thousand and one invention
Daghestanskaya Pravda (Daghestan) ¹138-139, 03.07.2003 If we don't need him…
Daghestanskaya Pravda (Daghestan) ¹120-121, 12.06.2003 How to steal an invention?
Daghestanskaya Pravda (Daghestan) ¹114-115, 05.06.2003 A letter to Paris… Or to Moscow. Or to Botlikh.
Transport Rossii (Moscow) ¹20, 12-18.05.2003 Three components of development strategy (by results of scientific and technical conference "Russia's transport strategy"(Novosibirsk))
Severny Kavkaz (Kabardino-Balkariya, Russia) ¹16, 04.2003 Recurring to what was published
Severny Kavkaz (Kabardino-Balkariya, Russia) ¹16, 04.2003 Antarctica will help us!
Severny Kavkaz (Kabardino-Balkariya, Russia) ¹11, 03.2003 "Postfon" - post of the 21st century!
Novoye Delo (Daghestan) ¹8, 21.02.2003 Kulibin of present days
Moskovskiy Komsomolets v Daghestane (Daghestan) ¹8, 19-26.02.2003 Future - after Daghestan science?
Daghestanskaya Pravda (Daghestan) ¹35, 18.02.2003 Technologies of the 21st century
Severny Kavkaz (Kabardino-Balkariya, Russia) ¹7, 02.2003 The future Nobel prize-winner lives in Daghestan

 Internet-editions. 2003    

Title Issue, year Article
30.12.2003 A Daghestani Muslim researcher proposes unique projects
Inventors.ru 16.11.2003 A new technical solution for sea battling – the mini-submarine–destroyer of large submarines was offered
Gulf Weekly (Bahrain) 15.11.2003 Sky’s the limit as Dubai Airshow takes off ...
Middle East Events (Dubai) 27.10.2003 Russian Inventor’s Air Rescue System for Dubai 2003: Khalidov to seek development investment
AME Info
(Dubai Media City)
26.10.2003 Russian Inventor’s Air Rescue System for Dubai 2003
Islaminfo.ru 07.10.2003 Daghestan researcher has offered a projects of providing the pilgrims
06.10.2003 Daghestan researcher has offered a projects of providing the pilgrims
Danish Polar Center (Copenhagen) 05.05.2003 Polar ice to save world's water problems
70South.com 01.05.2003 UNESCO supports exploitation of Antarctic Ice
Viet Nam Net 30.04.2003 Cuu the gioi khat bang nuoc o Nam Cuc
Report.ru 27.04.2003 Antarctica is an alternative source of fresh water supply?
Pravda.ru (Moscow) 26.04.2003 One more project of Daghestan engineer Hamid Khalidov, named "Alive Water"

 Journals. 1998-2002    

Title Issue, year Article
¹8, 2002 Icebergs of the Antarctic Continent: fears and hopes
¹11, 2001 Five miracles of engineer Khalidov
Nauka i Promyshlennost Rossii
¹9, 2001 The latest transport and information technologies - a strategic factor of Russia's breakthrough into the 21st century
Narody Daghestana
¹6, 2001 The latest transport and information technologies of the 21st century
¹5, 2001 APARC - security system
Promyshlennaya Politika v Rossiyskoy Federatsii (Moscow) ¹3, 2001 Development of sea transport trimarans
Morskoy Flot
¹2, 2001 Marine technologies of the 21st century: transport trimarans - transtrims
Summa Tekhnologhiy
¹2, 2001 Project "Alive Water"
(Odessa, Ukraine)
¹1-2, 2001 Transport trimarans - transtrims
Promyshlennost Rossii
¹9, 2000 Project "Alive Water" - a key to revival of Russia's shipbuilding industry
Herald of Daghestan Scientific Center of Russian Academy of Sciences ¹6, 2000 New technologies of drinking water and cooled air obtaining from high-latitude ice
¹3-4, 2000 Project "Alive Water"
¹8, 2000 Flood for Arabia
Morskoy Journal
¹4, 1999 New technologies of drinking water and cooled air obtaining from high-latitude ice
v.47 N4 1998 An alternative water resource project for the 21st century
 Newspapers. 1998-2002   
Title Issue, year Article
(Daghestan newspaper on Kumyk language)
¹48, 22.11.2002 Engineer Khalidov's inventions
Sovershenno Secretno, Versiya (Moscow) ¹10, 03.2002 Double-purpose airplane
Izvestiya, Nauka supplement (Moscow) ¹7, 22.02.2002 Our response to terrorists
Novoye Delo (Daghestan) ¹43, 26.10.2001 Who wants safe airplane?
Izvestiya, Nauka supplement (Moscow) ¹17, 07.09.2001 Antarctica will help us
Daghestanskaya Pravda (Daghestan) ¹165, 15.08.2001 Engineer Khalidov's transtrim
Izvestiya, Nauka supplement (Moscow) ¹12, 03.08.2001 Promptly and secretly
Vestnik Retchnogo Flota (Moscow) ¹2, 27.07.2001 Transtrim - a ship of tomorrow
Vestnik Retchnogo Flota (Moscow) ¹2, 27.07.2001 Inland water transport: tomorrow will be better than yesterday?
Transport Rossii (Moscow) ¹30, 27.07.2001 Transport trimarans.
Part II
Transport Rossii (Moscow) ¹29, 20.07.2001 Transport trimarans.
Part I
Transport Rossii (Moscow) ¹28, 13.07.2001 The future Nobel prize-winner lives in Daghestan
Izvestiya, Nauka supplement (Moscow) ¹8, 06.07.2001 What we will drive and fly on in this century
Nezavisimaya gazeta, Nauka supplement (Moscow) ¹1, 24.01.2001 Trimaran - a salvage vessel for submarines
Transport Rossii (Moscow) ¹47, 20-26.11.2000 Transtrim will save sea shipping
Rossiyskaya gazeta, Biznes v Rossii supplement (Moscow) ¹ 45, 14.11.2000 Express to future via Hanover
Transport Rossii (Moscow) ¹43, 23-27.10.2000 What is the coming day preparing for us?
Novoye Delo (Daghestan) ¹34, 25.08.2000 Trimaran, a salvage vessel for submarines
Materials of Russian exposition at EXPO-2000 (Hanover, Germany) June 2000 World engineers' convention. Marine technologies of the 21st century - project "Alive Water".
Novoye Delo (Daghestan) ¹19, 12.05.2000 The man, who's won the thirst
Vek (Moscow) ¹17, 28-04.05.2000 Ice have moved, but the problem remains unsolved
Nezavisimaya gazeta, Nauka supplement (Moscow) ¹3, 22.03.2000 Load ice-floes into holds!
Daghestanskaya Panorama (Daghestan) ¹4, 12.09.1999 The world problem of fresh water supply has been solved by Daghestan scientist
Daghestanskaya Pravda (Daghestan) ¹66, 08.04.1999 Water from ice of Antarctica - this may become a reality
Novoye Delo (Daghestan) ¹12, 19.03.1999 Hamid Khalidov: "Ice have moved…"
Rossiyskaya gazeta (Moscow) ¹ 47, 12.03.1999 Ice will move - water will be got
Novoye Delo (Daghestan) ¹45, 06.11.1998 How to save the world from thirst
Daghestanskaya Pravda (Daghestan) ¹199, 10.10.1998 Project of the 21st century: alive water from Antarctica

 Publications. 1995-1998   

In period of active formation of Daghestan's civil society (first elections of members of Daghestan's National Assembly and heads of municipal and regional administrations) H.Y. Khalidov published a number of articles reflecting his point of view on political processes occurring in the republic.

Title Issue, year Article
Novoye Delo (Daghestan) February, 1998 We don't need a new censor!
Novoye Delo (Daghestan) ¹21, 23.05.1997 Will we find our own way?
Novoye Delo (Daghestan) ¹8, 24.02.1995 Seven mandates to a candidate for…electorate
Novoye Delo (Daghestan) ¹7, 27.01.1995 Why they change horses at crossing


From 1986 till 1989, while holding a post of Deputy Director of Makhachkala's separators factory and then of Chief Specialist of Industrial Department at Administrative Office of Daghestan's Council of Ministers, H.Y. Khalidov was occupied with economic issues of enterprise, branch, national economy...

Title of Work
New principles of price formation on new machine-building produce for the period of regulated transition of national economy from planned economy to market

Below is displayed a list of publications published in central and republican press, dedicated to price formation, economics of enterprise, branch and country's national economy.

 Publications. 1986-1989   
Title Issue, year Article
Time dictates changes (collected materials of republican press) Makhachkala, 1989 From problems - to programs
Daghestanskaya Pravda (Daghestan) ¹187, 13.08.1989 Combination of forces - multiplication of results
Daghestanskaya Pravda (Daghestan) ¹5, 06.01.1989 Price: dependence on consumers' characters
Sotsialisticheskaya Industriya (Moscow) ¹203, 02.09.1988 Apathy
Economicheskaya Gazeta (Moscow) ¹17, 04.1988 Price and quality of machinery
Economicheskaya Gazeta (Moscow) ¹15, 04.1988 "Fat" in production cost
Soviet Daghestan Journal
¹1, 1988 Components of progress and…braking mechanism
Organization of complex preparation for production in machine-building industry
(collected materials of the republican scientific and technical conference)
Makhachkala, 1988 Methodical issues for price formation on new produce
Economicheskaya Gazeta (Moscow) ¹52, 12.1987 Incentives for the seeking
Daghestanskaya Pravda (Daghestan) ¹274, 26.11.1987 It's not fault of government quality control
Daghestanskaya Pravda (Daghestan) ¹168, 19.07.1987 Perestroika: tribune for public opinion
Daghestanskaya Pravda (Daghestan) ¹165, 16.07.1987 How much an idea costs
Daghestanskaya Pravda (Daghestan) ¹98, 24.04.1986 Experiment urges to count


This Khalidov's first officially registered invention has been made absolutely by chance. Many probably remember interesting television broadcast called "An idea required" televised these years...

Title of Invention Issue, year
A device for warming viscous fluids in tanks SU ¹ 1553438, 23.06.1987


Below are listed two last pages of degree work "Soviet federalism". It is interesting here to notice that Khalidov's conclusions in this work haven't conformed to official policy of the Soviet Union's Communist Party in the sphere of national relations, and to regulations of its Program for building communist society...

Title of Work
Degree work "Soviet federalism",
final chapter "Prospects for the development of Soviet federalism"


While working as a First Secretary of Municipal Committee of Komsomol, H.Y. Khalidov already had an experience of working in the Ministry of Internal Affairs and at high professional level could estimate the work of Inspection for juvenile delinquents at Municipal Government of Internal Affairs...

Title of Work
Recommendations on increasing the efficiency of dealing with crimes and law violations of juveniles and youth


H.Y. Khalidov's occupation in the sphere of agriculture has an interesting prehistory. While working as an instructor of Komsomol's Regional Committee in November 1976, he made a business trip to the Akushinskiy region of Daghestan...

Title of Work
Increase of efficiency of agricultural production in the period of advanced socialism


In September 1972 H.Y. Khalidov was appointed Inspector-Deputy Operational Assistant of Daghestan's Ministry of Internal Affairs. At that time there were two zonal police stations - in Leninskiy and Sovetskiy districts, while the municipal station has not been established yet...

Title of Work
Pursuit of motor vehicles escaping from scenes of crime


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