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Union of Journalists of Daghestan Republic, 10.03.2005

Press conference of Hamid Khalidov "Global Projects"

In the press center of the Union of Journalists of Daghestan Republic on March, 10, 2005 the press conference of Hamid Khalidov "Global projects" was held.

Hamid Khalidov spoke about prospects of Daghestan Republic when Russia enter the World Trade Organization. "Without manufacture of competitive high-technology production the task of Republic GDP trebling, which is put to Daghestan Government, is difficult to realize, and after the Russia entering WTO it is practically unachievable", - Hamid Khalidov has noted.

Author of the projects told about his projects, and how some of them are realizing abroad. He has also presented two new projects: "Hyperfunctional key CHAMELEON" and "Emergency evacuation from high-rise buildings".

He spoke about difficulties connected with protection of inventions abroad, about present international system of the protection of intellectual property and its ulterior influence on supporting of unstable situation in the world. Hamid Khalidov has named such international system the "colonial", which is advantageous only for developed countries. Hamid Khalidov has suggested the new over-national international system of the protection of intellectual property, which is called the rights of scientists, inventors of all the countries irrespective of internal situation in a country of inventor's residence.

But the information about results of a joint work with his son Ullubiy on discovery of new scientific signs in the Holy Qur'an was the most interesting. A part of this work was published in the interview of Hamid Khalidov to the leading Russian Islamic information Internet-channel Islam.ru, November, 18, 2004. Hamid Khalidov has developed his own hypothesis of structure of a matter and the Universe, many theses of which, on the opinion of father and son, find confirmations in the ayahs of the Holy Qur'an. It has allowed to look at these ayahs, as keys to understanding of structure of a matter and the Universe.

"Now we can announce with certainty, that we have found very interesting information in the Holy Qur'an, which answers many undecided questions in the sphere of theoretical physics. We have also found in the Qur'an the information about bricks of our universe - protons, neutrons and electrons. And there is no wonder in it. Now we have consultations with theologians", - Hamid Khalidov said.

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