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In 1999-2001 Hamid Yusupovich Khalidov made 102 patent applications. He has already received patents for 92 inventions in the following fields: shipbuilding; aircraft construction; information technologies; extraction, transportation and utilization of ice; rescue of air passengers and freight in air and on water; evacuation of people from high-rise buildings etc.
Some inventions are listed below.

Patents of Russia
Shipbuilding 54 inventions
Transport trimaran - Ledovoz (ice-carrier ship)
Mode of loading-unloading of ice blocks directly from water into ledovoz
Mode of transportation of ice blocks by ledovozes
Floating system barcon
Transport trimarans - Transtrims
Modes of loading-unloading on transport trimaran
Mode of maneuvering and braking of transport trimaran
Hydrofoil transport trimarans
Mode of obtaining and regulating lifting force by using hydrofoils of transport trimaran
Ice-breaker transport trimaran
River transport trimarans
"River-Sea" transport trimarans
Submarine promenade trimaran "Sea-horse"
Aerocarrier-trimaran "Tsunami"
Super-manoeurable and high-speed submarine trimaran "Piranha"
Mode of salvaging of sunk submarine by transport trimaran
Device for crew rescue of sunk submarine
Extraction and utilization of ice — 6 inventions
Mode of extracting bulky ice blocks from glacier and iceberg massifs
Ice-cutters for vertical and horizontal sinking
Mode of obtaining fresh water and cooled air from ice
Facility for obtaining fresh water and cooled air from ice
Aviation — 21 inventions
Modes of emergency evacuation of air passengers from an airplane
Facilities and modes for rescuing aircraft
Facilities and modes for rescuing helicopter
Aircraft Passenger Autonomous Rescue Capsule APARC
Modes of APARC self-braking
Emergency evacuation from high-rise buildings — 10 inventions
Facilities for people emergency evacuation from high-rise buildings
Modes of people emergency evacuation from high-rise buildings
Information technologies — 7 inventions
Automatic postal devices for post sending and receiving
Modes of high-speed confidential post forwarding
Computer technologies — 3 inventions
Hyperfunctional key of electronic devices
Hyperfunctional keyboard of electronic devices
Modes of symbols output and change on key of electronic devices


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