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Inventors.ru, 16.11.2003

A new technical solution for sea battling – the mini-submarine–destroyer of large submarines was offered

Russian engineers have offered a mini-submarine intended for destroying enemy's submarines and other sea vessels.

In the conception of designers of the mini-submarine - Khalidov Hamid Yusupovich and Khalidov Ullubiy Hamidovich, it represents a destroyer of enemy's submarines.

The designers mark that the defect of earlier known technical solutions of submarines is that the existing today systems and mechanisms performing maneuvering of a submarine, are not effective when moving at low speed and do not provide the qualitative superiority, which is necessary for effective fight against submarines.

They offer the next way of eliminating these problems.

The mini-submarine should consist of three hulls, and the central hull is placed above the plane connecting the side hulls. All three hulls are equipped with steering and marine engines, screw propellers are arranged in such a way that form apexes of a triangle. At least, three inter-hull hydrofoils, built with a possibility of regulating their angle of attack, are installed between the hulls. Lines of power supply provide the feed of electricity from each of the marine engines to the other two hulls. At least, the side hulls are equipped with armament. Inter-hull fastenings and hydrofoils are supplied with elongated cumulative charges. The hulls of the submarine contain ballast tanks with blowing systems.

According to the authors' plan, such the design allows to set an axis of the submarine's centre of gravity on a straight line connecting the intersection points of bisectors of angles of conditional triangles of the submarine's fore- and stern part. And hence, by adjusting the propulsive force of engines, the angle of attack of the inter-hull hydrofoils and the rudders, this allows the submarine to achieve a qualitative increase in maneuverability, practically in any direction and from the beginning of motion.

In case of separation of the side hulls, those are built with a possibility of autonomous navigation and accommodation of the whole crew. In case of shutdown of the power units of the one or two hulls, the connection of the working power unit to their power supply lines is provided. The submarine's hulls are equipped with the ballast tanks with blowing off systems, which also allow varying the draught of the vessel.

The new construction of a mini-submarine is named "Piranha". According to the designers' conception, its side hulls also should be equipped with an appropriate armament.

Advantage of the mini-submarine is not only in speed and maneuverability, but also in the small size. And as is generally known, it is easier to hit a large target, than a small one. Therefore the small size has significant advantage in battles between submarines. Besides, the cost of such submarine is very low and the loss of one atomic submarine in battle equals to the loss of about 50 mini-submarines.

Thus, archaic battle tactics with the use of large submarines can pass into history, if benefits from the similar small ones will be as appreciable as it is predicted.


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