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Islam.ru (Moscow), 18.11.2004 (06.10.1425)

       The presented below interview of scientist-inventor Hamid Khalidov to the Russian Islamic information Internet-channel Islam.ru is part of the book "Seeking Knowledge" (ISBN: 5-94434-052-5 (Russian)). The authors of this book are Hamid Khalidov and Ullubiy Khalidov. The book "Seeking Knowledge" has been published in August, 2005 in Makhachkala city (Republic Daghestan, Russian Federation). In September 1, 2005 the presentation of the book "Seeking knowledge" has been hold in the National Library of Republic Daghestan.

H. Khalidov: It was predetermined by Allah
for me to become an inventor

Today we would like to introduce the unique scientist-inventor from Daghestan Hamid Yusupovich Khalidov to readers of Islam.Ru channel. Hamid Khalidov has achieved an outstanding success, having made for two-three years above 100(!) inventions in many fields of science and technology. Many of these inventions are unique. On the basis of these inventions more than 10 projects have been developed, which you can become acquainted with at the web-site http://www.dagtech.ru/.

That does not limit H.Y. Khalidov's range of interests: he has large-scale works on economics and organisation of industrial production and agriculture, and his latest work is devoted to the theory of gravitation. An attempt to investigate this the most complicated scientific problem in itself inspires respect, but this case provokes a special interest. As Jaque-Yves Cousteau found in the Holy Qur'an confirmation of the results of his twenty-year work on exploring waters of the World Ocean, the same way Hamid Khalidov has found confirmation of his theory in Ayats of the Holy Qur'an.

Hamid Yusupovich is a godfearing Muslim, sincerely worrying about the present-day position of the Islamic community and especially about the cardinal lag in scientific and technological progress. As it seems to us, Hamid Khalidov himself can be attributed to those Muslim scientists, who make an important contribution to the development of modern science and technology, cutting the ground from under the feet of those, who blame Islam for the backwardness and negative influence on the development of humane civilization.

With pleasure we are introducing scientist's answers to our readers and hope it is not his last interview on our channel.

- Dear Hamid Yusupovich, how did you become an inventor? How does a new idea appear? What is necessary to become an inventor? In your opinion, what is the role of inventing in the development of the world civilization?

- The way to become an inventor is both individual for every person and has some common features. To my mind, in the basis of inventory skills lies ability to think logically, associative thinking, knowledge of subject, range of interests and a desire to solve a given problem. Very strong desire!

In life routine we simply forget that everything that we use every day and can't manage without, this can be mobile phone, television set, Internet, computer, automobile, airplane etc, is the result of people's inventing, creative work. Just imagine how our civilization would look like without above-mentioned and many other inventions of the mankind.

After graduating from the radio-engineering faculty of the Daghestan State University with speciality of radio equipment engineer-technologist, I was appointed telecommunications engineer at the Internal Affairs Ministry of the Daghestan Republic. After some time of working I noticed that road collisions in night and evening time practically were not revealed. And this affected me as a professional. I started examining this problem. I found the solution and offered a new system for pursuit of the cars escaping from places of incident. Since then all my life wherever I worked I have been inventing and improving something.

Properly I started inventing 5-6 years ago. While being on business trip in Moscow at some meeting I became acquainted with Arab journalists and was introduced to them as an inventor. Half-jokingly, half-seriously they suggested me to solve the problem of supplying fresh water to the states of the Arabian Peninsula. When I returned home I started examination of this problem. In this way the technology of supplying water to the countries, where fresh water is in short supply, was developed. The technology is based on transportation of bulky ice blocks by the means of ice-carrier ships. As a result this brought to the creation of a new class of ships - "transport trimarans" and receiving of patents for 54 inventions in shipbuilding industry.

Most of my patents are the result of my wish to solve specific important for the present day problems. The means of rescue of airplane and helicopter passengers were invented after an airplane crash that caused death of well-known journalist Artem Borovik. The postal system "Postphone" was invented after watching TV news showing the Great Britain's Prime-Minister Tony Blair making a report in the Parliament about the reform in the postal industry of the Great Britain. The means of emergency evacuation of people from high-rise buildings was invented after the events of 11th September 2001 in New York. And in such a way every invention has its own prehistory.

Apparently, I was fated to become an inventor. I have realized this quite recently. You'll see it. Not all Moslems know that number 19 is the number that has to do with the Qur'an. Many interesting things are connected with this number in the Holy Qur'an.

"The formula "Bismillahi rrahmani rrahim", which opens all the Surahs of the Qur'an (except the ninth surah), in Arabic writing contains 19 letters. The total number of surahs in the Qur'an amounts to 114, the word "Allah" is mentioned 2698 times, His name "Ar-Rahman" - 57 times and "Ar-Rahim" - 114 times. General for all these numbers is that all of those are divisible by 19. First ayats of the Holy Qur'an sent down to the Prophet (let Allah bless Him and welcome) were the first five ayats of the surah "Al-Alak" ("The clot"). They contain only 19 words. The total number of ayats in this surah also amounts to 19. This surah is the nineteenth if to count from the end. The last heaven-sent surah of the Qur'an is the surah "Al-Nasr" ("The help"). It contains 19 words, its first ayat consists of 19 letters. The Qur'an contains a great many of other examples connected with the number 19" ("The divine miracles", publisher "IHLAS", Makhachkala, 2002, page 27).

And so, according to the Gregorian calendar date of my birth is 19th March 1949 (19.03.1949). One day I multiplied the day of birth (19) by the month of birth (3). I got the number 57. I was very surprised when I found out that from 99 glorious names of Allah, the 57th name of Allah is Al-Hamid. This name I was given at birth. And two years ago my son found in Internet the program for converting the Gregorian calendar into the Hijra calendar. By converting my date of birth into the Hidjra calendar, we got 19.05.1368. 19 multiplied by 5 makes the number 95, which corresponds with the name of Allah - Al-Badi', which is translated as "Inventing", "Creator". Besides, the year of birth 1368 turned out to be divisible by 19. I have got a passport in which the sum of number 38 is divisible by 19, have received taxpayer's identification number and met the same sum of numbers.

For me these are the signs showing the correctness of the chosen way and in spite of any difficulties and temporary misfortunes, misunderstanding and absence of support, often hypocrisy and mockery, I have understood that I must follow this way and work for the public good. Thanks to the Most High Allah for all the knowledge that He has given me and for the signs that strengthened my spirit!

- For the several last years you have developed over 10 projects on the basis of more than 100 your inventions. The majority of these projects, as we know, has a global character and for all this serves the humane purposes. What is the current situation with your projects? What difficulties have you faced during their implementation?

- For the last 5 years we have acquainted the Russian and international community with our largest project for providing people with drinking water called "Alive Water". This project was reported at the First World Engineers' Convention in Hanover, demonstrated at the World Exhibition EXPO-2000 in Germany, participated in numerous international and Russian conferences and forums. The project was submitted to the UNESCO's headquarters in Paris, to the Government of the Russian Federation and to the Russian Academy of Sciences. Dozens of articles were published in Russian and foreign newspapers and magazines, the web-site has been launched in the Internet. Several broadcasts of the central television channels were devoted to this project. Thus, we have done everything that depended on us. Now everything depends on political leaders and large business.

Global character of the project, its scale, failures of the previous projects for transportation of ice explain the cautious approach to its implementation. The most difficult and vague technical problem in this project is new ships, transport trimarans - ice-carrier ships (ledovozes). There have not been before and today there are no such ships in the world. The ships consisting of three full value hulls with engines and rudders in each hull have never floated on the seas and oceans. Such design of a new class of ships we named "transport trimarans" 5 years ago.

The second project "Transport trimarans - transtrims" came up from an idea of ice-carrier ships. At the First Engineers' Convention in Hanover in 2000 these ships were called "the ships of the third millennium". The ships are urged to ensure high-speed and reliable delivery of people and cargoes through seas and oceans that will allow the ships to remain a competitive type of transport.

In spite of support from the Russian press and television, positive conclusions of state commissions of experts and institutes, active will of leading scientific and industrial organizations (Academician A.N. Kryilov Institute, Design Office "Rubin", Institute for Arctic and Antarctic Region etc.) to participate in the project "Alive Water", the Ministries of transport, economics, science and industry of the Russian Federation persistently sabotage our offers. The Ministry of Communications of the Russian Federation has taken the same narrow-minded stand regarding our project for creation of a new type of postal service (project "Postfon"). And this list of claims to the Russian and republican ministries can be continued.

Unlike our country, abroad they didn't confine with the applause at the First World Engineers' Convention (Hanover, Germany, June 19-21, 2000) in address of a new ship - transport trimaran, but have started intensive researches in this direction. In such a way, for example, already in 2002 one of the world's leading shipbuilding companies "Kvaerner Masa Marine" (by the way, in 2000 we sent to this company data concerning transport trimarans) by request of the USA developed the project called "Super-high-speed transport trimaran" and started testing of the working model of a transport trimaran. Even the term "transport trimaran" has already been introduced into practice in international shipbuilding community. And it is far from being all. A program for building military, passenger and cargo transport trimarans has been created. But, it is not mentioned anywhere about the Russian authors of the inventions.

The same story occurred to our another project "APARC" intended for rescue of passengers and cargoes. In 2000 we obtained patents for the devices and means of rescue of air passengers in case of emergency, and two years later we found many our ideas in a review of the American development works in the same subject. The only difference was that our offers were published in the journal "Airplane" (#5, 2001), and the American analogues of the same ideas - in the journal "Lomonosov" (#6, 2002), which reprinted an article from the American journal "New Scientist".

According to the available data, in autumn 2003 the Boeing company held a conference with the participation of its subdivisions all over the world with the subject "Ensuring of guaranteed rescue of air passengers in crashes", where our developed system "APARC" was discussed. Besides, in 2001 information about the system "APARC" also was sent to the Boeing's representative office in Moscow. But, as in the case with transport trimarans, we haven't got any answer from them.

Although it offends that foreign companies were first, who started implementation of our projects, I calm myself with the thought that inventions we made, however, are requested and sooner or later will work for Russia.

This is what the newspaper "Moskovskiy komsomolets in Daghestan" (30.06.2004) wrote about our another project:

"By the way, speaking of the Design Office "Rubin". They efficiently comprehended and implemented Khalidov's idea of raising the atomic submarine "Kursk". Those, who remember the raising of "Kursk" and are familiar with Khalidov's invention, will see principal similarity of the technology offered by Khalidov with the technology that has been used to raise the submarine. But nobody even thanked Khalidov, not to mention a reward. But still it makes glad that at least one invention of our fellow countryman was applied".

I'd like to add that the means of raising the "Kursk" was published in two weeks after the accident, and was submitted to the Design Office "Rubin" a week after the publication.

If the Russian State kept records of its lost profits and made to answer in full measure profile ministers and other responsible officials (even after their resignation) for the caused damage, then there wouldn't be such irresponsibility, theft and corruptibility in the country.

- How do you estimate the role and importance of innovation policy in the Russian government's economic course? What are the perspectives of performing the task of doubling gross domestic product and creating optimal conditions for developing innovative technologies, which has been set by the President of Russia?

- I think that the Russian government does not have innovation policy at all. First of all, the officials heading the economic sector are to blame for this. For example, due to the unprecedented high oil prices the government holds on the credit side more than 100 billion dollars in foreign banks at the interest rate of 2% annually (where this money works for the welfare of these countries), and this is not just incompetent policy, but antinational one.

The government explains such policy with fear of inflation. The inflation exists today anyway, and its main reason is the deficit of goods and services. It is clear for everyone, except for the government of the Russian Federation, that for the country it is much more promising to invest these large funds in the governmental and private scaled scientific, technical, industrial and innovative projects. In the first place it is necessary to ensure the economic growth by increasing output volume of competitive production for the internal and external markets. This will fill the internal market with goods and services, entail decrease in inflation rate, create new working places, wages, taxes etc.

The money circulation can be regulated in compliance and concurrently with this productivity growth. There are a lot of other instruments for regulating inflation. For the practical lack of so long-promised foreign investments nothing remains for the state but to develop its own economy by itself, unless disgraceful for the great country strong dependence on jumping prices for oil and gas, economic stagnation and hardly controlled inflation suit us. The continuation of such economic policy will lead to the country's irrevocable economic degradation and to its despairing lag with all the ensuing consequences for the Russian state.

And what is the most surprising and incomprehensible that the government has been following such policy after February 24th 2004. At that time at the joint session of the Security Council and the State Council of the Russian Federation in discussing the state of affairs in the innovation sphere, the President Vladimir Putin has called the unclaimed science "a real threat to the national safety of Russia, a threat to finding ourselves on the roadside of the world technological development, with status of a feed donor for the developed countries". At the same session Vladimir Putin in his speech has concentrated on the necessity of "the innovation breakthrough" for the up-to-date Russia as a real component of the country's rapid modernization, as a way of raising the people's living standards and the competitiveness of the economy.

And what are the principal terms of carrying out this innovation breakthrough? Obviously, it is necessary to create such goods and services, which will be in great demand all over the world, the goods and services that will anticipate time and cardinally differ in quality from possible foreign analogues, i.e. be the most competitive. And if there is an opportunity to produce the demanded goods and the services not having analogues in the world, then their realization will be provided on maximal scale and with maximal profits. The world experience shows that the world's leading countries, where more than half of gross domestic product growth is provided by innovation technologies, are developing just owing to the continuous process of improvement of services and technologies.

Our government has probably its own special way of doubling the gross domestic product, known and followed by nobody so far. For me it is clear that this government will not implement the President's instruction once again and will let him down before society.

I completely agree with those who demand to change the economic and social sectors of the Russian government, and to call up honest and incorruptible, effective and competent patriots, without dependence on their political views, in a new government. Only such people in these hard times for Russia are able to save the country and to help it to come out to new boundaries.

- Abroad they discuss intellectual property rights and their protection, rules of patenting, patent taxes. What problems have you come across in the process of patenting your inventions? How do you estimate the invention patenting system existing today?

- The problems arising today in the society concerning the intellectual property protection, even looking simple, are rather complicated and involved.

At the world level there are such relations, when rich countries (it is clear that by initiative of large corporations and companies) require from a foreign patent holder thousands of dollars for granting its national patent. According to the existing international rules, an invention can be used gratis in other countries, if a foreign inventor has not received a national patent for his invention in these countries. A lot of examples have been mentioned in press, when our Russian inventions and technologies have been implemented abroad and then sold in Russia under trademarks of foreign companies. And nobody could raise a claim against them.

And where can an inventor from Russia and even from an absolute majority of countries in the world get dozens of thousands of dollars to protect his invention in these countries? Isn't this a latent form of robbery of the inventors from poor countries, and robbery of these very countries?

At the same time the rich countries follow the path of improving the conditions of inventing for their citizens. But in Russia, against the background of unprecedented decline in living standards, governments systematically have been raising the fee for granting a patent and have brought it from zero up to two and a half thousand rubles that in fact ruined inventing in Russia. Such "state policy" has resulted for the last 10 years in reduction of applications for inventions from 200,000 in 1990 to 16,000 in 2000. Maintaining this policy will finally deprive our country of scientific and technical base and opportunity of innovation breakthrough.

The world community shouldn't forget that these are inventors and engineers, who stand at the beginning of all benefits of the present-day civilization, today nobody can do without them and the community should think about creating optimal conditions for their creative work.

But the present-day international legislation in the sphere of intellectual property protection and the attitude of rich countries not just infringe upon rights of an inventor as a person, but moreover, from the viewpoint of historically indisputable necessity of maximal support of scientific and technical progress, are directed against the development of the human civilization.

As I think, United Nations should work out such rules of patenting that will stimulate and protect inventive work of a citizen of any country in the world and guarantee free access to an invention of everybody, who is interested in its implementation. For this purpose the UN should establish and finance an international organization for intellectual property protection (in civil sphere) with its branches in countries and regions that will ensure free of charge patenting process, promote realization of a patent, protect inventor's interests all over the world and get a certain percent from sale of a patent for its work. Moreover, a patent obtained in one country should automatically gain a status of international patent and become valid all over the world without any payments. Also it is necessary to deprive juridical and physical persons of an opportunity of unfair using or not using the redeemed patents for inventions. And for the officials of this international organization there should be worked out an efficient scale of rewards for the work on realization of patents, licenses, and for disclosure and prevention of violation of intellectual property rights. Earnings from these forms of officials' activity will fully satisfy the organization's requirements and will allow making the patenting process free of charge in all countries, and will raise the officials' authority and prestige.

Such reform will help us to ensure the unprecedented development and optimization of the innovative work, its maximal necessity in the world economy and deletion of national borders in protection of intellectual property rights. It would be great if our country came out as an initiator of these proposals, but, frankly speaking, there is almost no hope for this.

I think that it would be reasonable to interest the Organization of Islamic Conference in the implementation of this proposal, which could be an initiator of this reform on the international scene. It would be a good thing to hold a broad discussion on conformity of this and other proposals in the sphere intellectual property protection with regulations of shariat and Islamic ethics. Prerequisites for this purpose have been created already. The world is developing and integrating headily. And this case the common-to-all-mankind priorities and values must stand higher than private, corporate interests and interests of individual states.

- What, in your opinion, is the reason of scientific and technical lag of the majority of Islamic states? What is it necessary to undertake for the "breakthrough"?

- There are a lot of reasons here. In the first place, it is departure of most Muslim governors and elite (after times of righteous caliphs) from moral principles and way of living of Prophet Mohammed (let Allah bless Him and welcome). Besides, among the reasons there are internal religious contentions, which caused a split among the Moslems and formed various trends in Islam, and also civil wars, disturbances, revolutions etc. External factors were caused by numerous crusades, destruction of the main Islamic centers of science and culture - Baghdad and Cordoba, colonizer wars, wars between the Moslem states. In general, the 20th century may be also considered as lost for the progress of the most of Islamic states (concerning available potential opportunities).

First of all, I think it is necessary to concentrate on solving the problem of creating an economic union of Islamic states, which everybody has been speaking about for a long time. Multi-confessional Europe has set a good example to the whole world at this point. So the "moment of truth is coming" for leaders of Islamic states. The way they have to go is long and thorny, but recognition and gratitude of descendants will be their reward.

Spiritual unification of the Moslems is the second necessary and not less important prerequisite to successful development of the Moslem community. I share opinion of those, who consider that since it has turned out that various directions have been formed in Islam by deliberate or unconscious will of our ancestors, then it is necessary to determine the common platform for all the Moslems. History has shown that mistakes and wrong beliefs of our ancestors cost their descendants so dear.

It seems to me that the necessity of beginning the process (intended for many years) of creating a religious center recognized by all trends in Islam has matured a long time ago. The main directions of its activity (along with the others) could be search and strengthening of the common platform for spiritual unification and conciliation of the Moslems, historical analysis of mistakes made by the Moslem community, those losses and damage that the community have been suffering, determination of the ways of development of the Moslem community under existing conditions.

It appears that one of the immediate and most important results of the activity of the center should become the elaboration of modern communication etiquette for the Moslem communes representing various trends of Islam. The religious and interethnic intolerance, dissension, oppressions, rudeness in communication etc. within the Moslem community must be condemned in the most categorical way. Realization of these tasks is impossible without the presence at this center of an advanced network of departments and branches in each Islamic state and in the countries with the Moslem communes. Certainly, the center needs strong support and sufficient financing from leaders of the Islamic states.

But all this unifying work in spiritual sphere should be conducted simultaneously with the maximal support of science and engineering development. Authority of a state in the up-to-date world is based on the level of its scientific and technical development, economic power and on possibility to ensure the worthy living conditions for its citizens. I am sure that the time is not far off, when Islamic states, relying on their own moral values and making use of all positive world experience of economic development, will manage to achieve prosperity for their citizens. All of us understand that it is a necessary (though not an only) prerequisite to the rise of the Islamic civilization authority in opinion of the rest of the world.

They may begin with creating a common for the state-members of the economic union scientific-educational program for the training and growth of specialists, establishing Islamic venture funds, financing advanced scientific and technical projects and technologies, instituting prestigious prizes and awards. All that can be done since there is enough money. But while this money is working in western banks for the development of western countries, I am not sure that these banks and countries will be glad to part from such money.

Science, scientists and education are mentioned in the Holy Qur'an more than 700 times in a different context. These mentions define that science is the only way for the faithful people, since ignorance is a companion of delusion and deviation from the righteous way. There are widely known statements of Prophet Mohammed (let Allah bless Him and welcome), emphasizing the importance of acquiring knowledge. "Anyone, who has left at request of knowledge, follows the way of Allah until he comes back", "Learn science and learn it seriously, with dignity and in silence", "Go even to China to obtain knowledge". If to recall that China at that time was famous, first of all, for its scientific and technical development, it becomes clear what a vital importance Prophet Mohammed (let Allah bless Him and welcome) attached to the development of science. As you see, the formula of the "breakthrough" has been known since those distant times.

- What are you working on at the moment? What discoveries and new ideas does the spirit of enlightenment prepare?

- Twenty five years ago, when at the first time I read about UFO, I was amazed by their silent flight, abrupt changing of moving direction, instantaneous acceleration and braking. Having thought and coming to an opinion that these devices probably were not a falsification, but real objects, I asked myself the question: "What is a principle of their movement?" and have come to the conclusion that these devices use force of gravitation.

A hypothesis of nature of gravitation, completely contradicting the generally accepted opinion, has arisen on this basis. Since I was not educated as a physicist and there was no sense to argue with the official science, I decided to settle down and keep my theory till the better days. Only after twenty years, having seen at a book fare in Moscow how many Russian and foreign authors were writing about the nature of gravitation, I decided to return to my half-forgotten theory.

Having revived my knowledge in gravitation and having incidentally become familiar with views of present-day scientists on the development of the universe, I have found out that my point of view on the nature of gravitation differed from the modern hypotheses. I foresee far from being warm welcome, since along with a great quantity of "alternative" authors I don't agree with the explanation of gravitation nature as Newton or Einstein described it.

Allow me to make a slight digression and express my view on the existing state of affairs in this field of the world science. The world physicists' community long ago has turned into an all-sufficient system with the established hierarchy. Having plenty of advantages, this system has large imperfections. Snobbery and intellectual arrogance make this community practically unable to perceive fresh ideas originated not from the midst of them. So, I think the official physics should occasionally arrange "open days" in order to exchange views, opinions and ideas in this or that topic.

By the way, I'd like to remind that Newton several times changed his views on the presence or absence of "ether" in the outer space. On Newton's assertion that for the transfer of gravitation force is needed a medium ("ether"), his opponents objected that if there was such the medium, then even at its minimal density, the Earth for billions of years of its movement would has stopped. Being unable to answer this question, Newton gave up the idea of "ether" and became a follower of idea of the vacuum in the cosmic space.

In order to explain the nature of gravitation force Einstein had to bring in the science use the concept of "curvature of space". To tell the truth, up to this moment the word "space" always meant an abstract geometric volume, to which the scientist attached quite material properties. An amazing curve of thought: a non-material object (vacuum) obtains material property (curvature). But mathematicians have given perfect mathematical description, not worrying about physical nature of phenomena. Such an approach didn't suit and doesn't suit now many scientists, although for the objectivity it is necessary to admit that Einstein's theory has raised the physics of those times to a new height and has opened new horizons in the understanding of the Universe structure. A key to the solution of these contradictions could be the understanding of nature of "ether" and explanation of reasons why the "ether" doesn't impede the movement of celestial bodies in the Universe.

Let me familiarize the readers with some conclusions that I publish at the first time. And it is not by accident why I have chosen the readers of the Islamic Internet-channel Islam.ru for this purpose.

According to my hypothesis, the whole interstellar and interplanetary space of the Universe is filled with an original field, or rather with something that remained from it, when after the Big Explosion, at the certain stage of its expansion and cooling the elementary particles - substance "have fallen in sediment". This process conditionally can be compared with the phenomenon of sedimentation during the cooling of saturated saline solution.

This field is homogeneous all over the Universe, and owing to its homogeneity it has neither breaches nor vacuum. The structure, properties and characteristics of this original field, created by the Most High Allah, are unique and only indirectly become apparent through the whole spectrum of physical and chemical phenomena.

The one of its properties, showed in interaction with the substance, I would probably associate with such well-known physical properties as elasticity, intensity. Einstein attributed this physical property of the original field to the unfilled geometric space and called it "curvature of space". In my point of view, the term "disturbance of original field" would be more suitable. I'll try to explain it.

The force of gravitation is the result of interaction (interference) of two types of matter - original field and substance. For better understanding let's imagine that some volume of cosmic space is filled with one type of matter - the original field, and doesn't contain another type of matter - the substance. Such field is homogeneous throughout its volume, since this volume contains nothing except the field itself, while the condition of this field is characterised as being stable, not disturbed.

Now let's imagine that another type of matter - the substance, for example, a celestial body is brought in this volume of cosmic space. This body displaces from its volume a certain part of the original field, i.e. breaks the initial, quiescent, stable condition of the original field, disturbs it and distorts its force lines. But, since the original field is "elastic", though with a certain force it tends to return into the initial, undisturbed condition.

The amount of this force depends on the relation between volumes, which the substance and the field occupy in a unit of space volume. The greater mass of the substance is imported, the more disturbed is the field and more distorted are the force lines of the original field, and more counteracts it the substance in its tendency to return into the initial undisturbed condition. It counteracts more near the substance (where the original field is more disturbed) and abates when moving away from it (where the original field is less disturbed). Everything that is on the Earth is pressed by this force to the surface and gains weight, but we call this gravitation.

Thus, force of gravitation is the force, by which the disturbed original field counteracts the substance, which caused this disturbance.

And I was shocked when after our usual discussion of these questions my son Ullubiy showed me the Ayats of the Holy Qur'an, testifying, as we are convinced, about the presence of material substance (medium) in the Universe, in which celestial bodies are floating. Maybe, we are not right in details, since we assume the great responsibility when interpreting the stated below Ayats of the Holy Qur'an, but we are sincere in our search for the truth, and let Allah forgive us!

It is generally acknowledged that Ayats of the Holy Qur'an have deep meaning. The Ayats are universal, they were actual 1400 years ago and they are vital nowadays. They were clear for nomads in distant past, and today their deep meaning is opened for us as a confirmation of modern scientific discoveries and inventions. That is why for my son and me, as we unconditionally admit the Sacred nature of the Qur'an, it is the sign that our theory is confirmed with Ayats of the Qur'an.

And it is He Who has created the night and the day and the Sun and the Moon - all of them floating through space

It is not permitted to the Sun to catch up the Moon, nor can the night outstrip the day: each floats along in orbit

We took notice of the verb "to float". In the Arabic language the verb "sabaha" ("yasbahuna in text of two Ayats) means inertial movement and has various meanings. One of them is "to float". Just in this meaning the verb was translated by Russian translators Kratchkovskiy, Osmanov, Shumovskiy, Porokhova.

Let's ask ourselves the question: "Why was exactly the verb "to float" used regarding the movement of celestial bodies in the Holy Qur'an, but not the verb "to fly", for example"? We'll try to gain an understanding of it, and we ask you to be merciful to us.

At those ancient times contemporaries of the Prophet (peace and blessing be with him) knew only two types of movement without support on the ground, which in some kind they could compare with the movement of celestial bodies. These are flying of birds in the sky and floating of boats, ships and fish in water. The movement by land shouldn't be taken into account, since practically it takes place with the support on the ground. At the first sight, since people during their lifetime see birds and celestial bodies moving in the sky, it should be more understandable for them to use the verb "to fly" when describing the motion of the Moon and the Sun, but the Most High uses the verb "to float".

Since there can't be any casual words in the Holy Qur'an, then using one verb in preference to another can be explained just with the difference in sense and interpreting of these verbs, apprehended by the people lived at that time.

The verb "to float" at that remote time, as well as nowadays, means the movement of objects in water. For example, the movement of a ship or fish in water. In comparison with the verb "to fly", the verb "to float" then and now means for people the movement more ordered, stable and predictable. The movement takes place in water, in a much denser environment than air, in which birds can tumble, sharply change direction and rate of movement. As far as 1400 years ago people understood this difference in the characteristics of the movement in water and in air, since it didn't contradict their observations, life experience and perception of the visual environment. They were able to perceive what the Most High Allah wanted to deliver to them using the verb "to float", that is the stability and reliability of the world order established by Him.

Maurice Bucaille in his book "Bible, Qur'an and science" (publisher "Ansar Foundation", Moscow, 2001, page 225) comprehensibly writes about another reason for using the verb "sabaha" in these Ayats, which opened in the past century. The science have determined that the movement of the Moon, the Sun and other celestial bodies in the cosmic space has inertial character, but exactly the verb "sabaha" meaning this kind of movement, describes in the Holy Qur'an the movement of the Moon and the Sun.

And now about the most interesting and the main thing for my son and me. Our theory of the original field allows us absolutely in another way to look at the sense of these Ayats of the Holy Qur'an and at the reasons of using the verb "sabaha" in them. The theory finds a direct confirmation of our conclusions. Since according to the Ayats, the Moon and the Sun "are floating" in the sky, then there is an environment, in which they "are floating" and on which they rest upon. In other words the celestial bodies "are floating" not in vacuum, but in the space filled with a material substance, what conforms to our theory of the original field. And this means that the original field, created by the Most High Allah for the "floating" of celestial bodies, must have the unique characteristics, which provide inertial movement for celestial bodies.

So, 1400 years later the verb "sabaha" permits to give a new look at secrets of the universe. To hide a key to the understanding of the structure of the Universe in just one word of the Holy Qur'an can be done only by the Most High Allah, and we only have to worship His Higher Intention.

We hope that we have found confirmation of our work also in other Ayats of the Holy Qur'an.

He created the heavens without any pillars that you can see...

Do they not look at the Heaven above them? How We have made it and adorned it, and there are no splits in it?

For me there is no need to look for better confirmation of the original field theory. Filling the whole geometric volume of the Universe, the original field is solid throughout its volume, serves as an invisible powered framework ("without any pillars that you can see"). It is homogeneous, since, by assuming the reverse, we would observe not the magnificent order typical for the Universe, but the Universal chaos. If the field had voids, then celestial bodies would change their speed when passing through them, and this would cause deorbit of these celestial bodies. But we can watch an amazing stability of their movement. That is why "there are no flaws in it".

But the official physics won't understand and explain the meaning and sense of these Ayats, since it denies that there is an environment in the cosmic space, which makes possible "floating" within it and which can serve as "pillar" for celestial bodies during their "floating" in the cosmic space. Obviously, it will take a long time before the official physics is going to make progress in this field of knowledge.

As for me, I have a strong doubt that the physics at all will ever succeed in the direct exploring of the nature of the original field. In the Holy Qur'an it is said: "He created the heavens without any pillars that you can see..." (31:10).

There are no casual words in the Holy Qur'an, and the sense of each word can not change in the course of time, especially directly contrariwise. Then it is logical to assume that if in time of sending down the Holy Qur'an one couldn't see these supports (the original field) by his eyes, and he didn't have any observation and exploration equipment, then he also won't be able to see these "pillars" nowadays and in future, even being equipped with instruments. If it is said "without any pillars that you can see", then it is not possible to observe directly or explore these "pillars" using instruments. As scientists' calculations show, for penetrating in such depths of the substance structure, such energy consumption will be needed that in the foreseeable future this seems to be impossible. But I think that it is a ban for all the time.

And because the original field doesn't have material prehistory, and hence, its structure and characteristics are absolutely original and are of a kind the Most High Allah made them to be when creating the Universe out of nothing.

He is Originator of the Heavens and Earth. When he decides on something, He just says to it: "Be!", and it is

And from the created original field the rest of the world has arisen.

It was a pleasure for me to present some aspects of my theory of the original field for the judgement of the Islam.ru readers. Once more I ask to forgive my son and me for the courage, with which we started searching for the confirmation of our theory in the Holy Qur'an. We are looking forward for friendly discussion of disputable and incomprehensible places in our work.

- Do you have a dream?

Yes, to perform Hajj and bring the first ship with ice for pilgrims to the Saudi Arabia. To tell the truth, I have one more dream - the height. But this height I'd like to take on the board of my own UFO.

Makhachkala, Republic Daghestan, Russian Federation

Translated from Russian by Kamil Magomedov (Makhachkala, Republic Daghestan, Russia)

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