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Islam.ru (Moscow), 30.12.2003

A Daghestani Muslim researcher proposes unique projects

One of the December issues of the Dubai newspaper “Daily al-Bayan” (United Arab Emirates) reports about inventions of Russian Muslim researcher Ghamid Khalidov. Of special interest for the Arabic countries was the project of the researches regarding fresh water supplies to Mecca and sacred places and air conditioning during the pilgrimage.

During the press conference on Dubai aeroshow 2003 Ghamid Khalidov named the estimated cost of the project “Mecca” which is about $160 million. The realization of the project through exportation of Icebergs from the South Pole to Jidda, where fresh water and cooled air is distributed to tents in Mina, Arafat will reduce the cost of 1 litre of water to 1 cent. Business circles of Saudi Arabia are also interested in the project “aqua vitae” that presupposes transportation of icebergs with the help of new ships- transtrims (transport trimarans).

The researcher held regular meetings with the public and scientific circles of Daghestan, shared the experience with the youth during the sessions with seniors and teachers in Daghestani villages. It is noteworthy that projects by Ghamid Khalidov are entered to the collection “Transport strategy of Russia” published in 2003. This collection is intended for experts and has a limited circulation.

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