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Hamid Yusupovich KhalidovHamid Yusupovich Khalidov.
"Novoe Delo" weekly's dossier,
the Daghestan Republic, Russia

Hamid Yusupovich Khalidov was born in 1949, March 19, in the town of Buynaksk of the Daghestan Republic in the family of military doctor Khalidov Yusup Hamidovitch and school teacher Akhmedova Rukiyat Zaynutdinovna, natives of Nizhneye Kazanische village of Buynakskiy district. He is Kumyk by the nationality. He graduated from Buinaksk's school #1 in 1966, then the Radio-Engineering Faculty of the Daghestan State University in 1971 and the Law Faculty of the Daghestan State University in 1980. He is married, has a son.

In 1971-75 he worked as a communications engineer, and as an inspector of analytical department at the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Daghestan Republic. During his work at the MIA Khalidov elaborated and implemented a number of original projects, such as "Ways of increasing efficiency and quality of regional employees' work", "Increasing the efficiency of mobile militia groups - as a compound element of preventive measures for recurrent criminality". His work "The search of vehicles escaping from scenes of action" was recommended for its implementation all over the country.

From 1975 Khalidov worked at the Republican Youth Committee, and in 1977 he was elected a First Secretary of the Municipal Youth Committee of town of Kizilyurt. Khalidov has been awarded all the highest decorations of the Central Committee of Young League of the Soviet Union.

In 1977 he wrote a large scientific work on the agricultural reforming, aimed at creating an efficient agricultural manufacturing and based on increasing the mutual economic interest of farmers and the state in labor's final results. In spite of the support of the Republic's government, Moscow Government have not given permission on realization of the experiment.

Khalidov's suggestions on improving the preventive work with juveniles' criminality have been accepted and confirmed by the joint decision of the Central Youth Committee and the Board of the USSR's Ministry of Internal Affairs. Organization of summer work for students' production teams has been approved by the USSR's Central Youth Committee as an advanced experience. Both his initiatives have been popularized all over the country.

In 1982-1989 Khalidov worked as an engineer, Head of Department, Deputy Chief of the separators factory in Makhachkala. The reduction of transport expenses by one-third (over 4 million rubles); giving up fuel depository and transition to supplying the factory with fuel directly "off wheels"; the complete renewal of factory's stock of cars (more than 50 vehicles); successful solution of all problems concerning the factory supply can be put on his credit while his work as a Deputy Chief from 1985 till 1989.

At that time a number of state and republican journals and newspapers published Khalidov's works devoted to the improvement of efficiency in business economics. In #52 for 1987 and #15 for 1988 the USSR's leading weekly on economic problems "Economicheskaya gazeta" published two conceptual articles devoted to the problems of price formation during the regulated transition from the unprofitable command-administrative economy to the market economy. The published principles of new price formation for industrial produce were included in "The new state policy of price formation for new industrial produce since 1989".

In 1987, after participating in the contest announced by the USSR's Ministry of Communications, Khalidov received his first certificate of authorship for inventing the mechanism and mode of unloading frozen oil from railway tanks.

At the beginning of 1989 H. Khalidov was invited on the post of Chief Specialist of the Industry Department at the Council of Ministers of the Daghestan Republic. By his initiative from summer of 1989 on a voluntary basis was started a monthly seminar on problems of economic reforms in the republic, under the direction of of Chairman of Daghestan's Council of Ministers A.M. Mirzabekov. After one of such seminars Khalidov was appointed a leader of the working group on economic reforms at the Council of Ministers of the Daghestan Republic, which consisted of republic's outstanding scientists and which after two months of intensive work published Daghestan's Conception of Economic Development. In November of 1989 Khalidov was appointed Head of Division for External Economic Relations of Industry Department of Daghestan's Council of Ministers. And in January of 1990 he was appointed Chairman of the Foreign Economic Association at the Council of Ministers.

In July of 1995 Khalidov was appointed Deputy Head of Administration of the Leninskiy District of Makhachkala. At the end of 1996 the Administration of social security created and led by Khalidov was recognized the best and declared basic in the system of Daghestan's Ministry of Social Security.

In 1997, while working as Advisor of Minister of Economics of Daghestan, Hamid Khalidov occupied himself with a problem of delivering water to the countries, where water is in short supply. He has found new scientific and engineering approaches to solutions of the topical problems of supplying fresh water to the world population and preserving irreplaceable resources of ecosystems. The inventions made by Hamid Khalidov allow solving the problem of delivering ice from the world's high latitudes to the fresh-water requiring countries. In August of 2000 the Project "Alive Water" (full title - "New technologies of obtaining drinking water and cooled air from the high-latitude ice") was sent to the UNESCO's headquarters in Paris, by their request.

From January 2000 H. Khalidov has been working as Advisor of Daghestan Scientific Centre of Russia's Academy of Sciences.

During 1999-2001 he made about one hundred inventions, on which basis have been worked out over ten projects.

The projects were broadly described in Russian journals and newspapers (more than 70 publications), were shown in broadcasts of national and local television, were reported at eleven international, Russian and republican conferences, and were displayed at six exhibitions.

Let's enumerate some spheres of H.Y. Khalidov's developments, which technological know-how have been marked with patents for inventions, reports at conferences and publications in press:

  • water supply, ecology, climate:
    • delivering drinking water to the regions and countries, where water is in short supply (project "Alive Water");
    • supplying drinking water and cooled air to pilgrims performing Hajj;
  • extraction of ice - melting out multi-thousand tons' ice-blocks from iceberg and glacier massifs in high-latitudes of the Earth; making of special equipment - ice-cutting devices;
  • industrial processing of ice - obtaining of drinking water and cooled air; development of special infrastructure - ice-receiving plants;
  • shipbuilding:
    • development of special vessels - ice-carrier ships, loading and transportation multi-thousand tons' ice-blocks by the ice-carrier ships;
    • development of new types of vessels - transport trimarans - transtrims (Hamid Khalidov was the first who offered applying marine engines in all three hulls of trimaran);
    • ways of performing loading-unloading works by transport trimarans;
    • barcons - floating systems combining features of both barge and container;
    • icebreaking ships and new methods of piloting ships through ice;
    • transport trimarans equipped with hydrofoils;
    • river transtrims;
    • transtrims of "river-sea" class;
    • three-hull tourist submarines;
    • evacuation of sunken submarine's crew;
    • raising a sunken submarine;
  • aviation:
    • aircraft construction - aircraft, rescue of air passengers and crews of a disabled aircraft;
    • helicopter engineering - helicopter, rescue of helicopters' passengers and crews as well as disabled helicopters;
    • APARC - aviation passenger autonomous rescue capsule (used both in aeroplanes and helicopters);
    • parachute systems for safe landing - devices and methods for objects' self-braking before landing;
  • construction of high-rise buildings - built-in devices and methods for people emergency evacuation from skyscrapers and television towers;
  • railway transport - unloading of frozen oil from railway tanks;
  • subway-construction- high speed subway of future - two-and more level stations and underpasses;
  • telecommunications- new secure express-mail of the 21st century - letter is delivered to any place in the world within few minutes;
  • computer technologies- qualitative improvement electronic devices applying data input via keyboard;
  • industrial economics - new principles of price formation on newly produced industrial goods, introduction into economic terminology of category "cost of consumer function's efficiency",
  • agricultural economics - creation of effective farm production - development of management model, which allows to achieve maximum labour efficiency in social production from collective farmers.

Hamid Khalidov introduced into scientific and technical terminology the following new words and terms:

  • Transport Trimaran - transport vessel with central hull and two lateral hulls with engines and rudders in each hull.
  • Transtrim (transport trimaran).
  • Ledovoz - ice-carrier vessel - transport trimaran.
  • Icetrim - ice-carrier vessel - transport trimaran.
  • Ice-receiving plant - infrastructure for industrial processing of ice-blocks for further obtaining drinking thawed water and cooled air.
  • Barcon (barge-container) - transport floating system intended for transportation of a different sort of cargoes in transport trimarans.
  • Postfon - a machine for express and confidential forwarding of correspondence.

Having the encyclopedic knowledge, analytical cast of mind and high work capacity, Hamid Khalidov succeeded in every place he worked, received fast promotion, meeting recognition of high professionalism. He has always kept an active public stand, which he spoke out openly and repeatedly on pages of our weekly newspaper. An uncommon example, when the inward harmony and life principles are placed above the career, material goods and life's difficulties.


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