DagTech Global Projects of Hamid Khalidov
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For the last years engineer Khalidov's projects were introduced and discussed at twelve conferences.


Subject Date Title of report
Economic Forum
"Daghestan: new regional possibilities" (Makhachkala)
May 26-27, 2005 The newest transport technologies
First Congress of Engineers of Russia (Moscow) November 26-28, 2003 Global Projects
Republic Scientific-Practical Conference "Information and Telecommunication Systems" (Makhachkala) November 10-12, 2003 Expansion of functional capabilities of electronic devices using data key entry
Russian Scientific-Practical Conference "Transport strategy of Russia" (Novosibirsk) May 12-13, 2003 Transport trimarans. Aircrafts with APARC system, modes of airpassengers rescue
Republic Scientific-Practical Conference "Information and Telecommunication Systems: Integrated Corporate Networks" (Makhachkala) October 10-12, 2001 Information-mail system ASePOST
Fifth Saint-Petersburg’s International Economic Forum June 12-16, 2001 Latest transport and information technologies – strategic factor of Russia’s development
International Scientific Conference "Russia’s Great Lakes" (Nizhniy Novgorod) May 16-19, 2001 Project "Alive Water" and global climate
First Baikal Economic Forum (Irkutsk) September 19-23, 2000 Transport trimarans – prospects of shipping growth oh the Northern sea route
Second International Euro-Asian Conference on Transport "TRANSTECH’2000" (Saint-Petersburg) September 12-13, 2000 Development of sea shipping – transport trimarans
First World Engineers’ Convention (Hanover, Germany) June 19-21, 2000 Project "Alive Water". Transport trimarans – transtrims
Fourth Saint-Petersburg’s International Economic Forum June 13-17, 2000 Ways of development of sea shipping – conception of transport trimarans
International Scientific Conference "Progress and Contemporary Problems of Science Development in Daghestan" (Makhachkala) May 21-25, 1999 New technologies of obtaining drinking water and cooled air from high-latitude ice


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