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Presentation of the book "Seeking Knowledge"

Book 'Seeking Knowledge' (in Russian)

In September, 1, 2005 in the National Library of Daghestan Republic the presentation of the book "Seeking Knowledge" (Makhachkala: "Noviy Den" publishing house, 2005. - 232 p.; ISBN: 5-94434-052-5) of Hamid Khalidov and Ullubiy Khalidov has taken place.

Deputy director of the library Taymyr Agayev presided over the presentation.

International Committee on Imam Shamil Prize and Awards of "Foundation of Imam Shamil" (Daghestan) has highly rate the work made by the authors and at the beginning of presentation the officials of Committee have rewarded Hamid Khalidov and Ullubiy Khalidov with gold medals "200 years to Shamil" with the statement "for creating of the advanced highly technological projects and inventions and for revelation of fundamentally scientific meaning of a number of ayahs of the Divine Message - Qur'an".

Presentation of the book 'Seeking Knowledge'

After it Hamid Khalidov has told about their projects. To the effect that none of the projects has met with support in Russia. To the effect that in the same time some of the projects are already realized abroad. For example, the project "Transport trimarans - transtrims", that, under the name of "Joint Multi-Mission Vessel", is realized in the USA by famous shipbuilding company "Kvaerner Masa Marine". Before, this company announced about the working out of this project under the name "Very High Speed Transport Trimaran". The launching of this ship of the future is expected in the near future. Another project "Keyboard CHAMELEON", on which the author has already got a patent in Russia in 2003, is realized under the name of "Keyboard OPTIMUS" by famous Russian company in the programming sphere "Studio of Artemiy Lebedev".

Presentation of the book 'Seeking Knowledge'

Hamid Khalidov, based on their experience in patenting of inventions, has named present international system of the intellectual property protection the "colonial", which is directed to increase of spread between the developed countries and the rest of the world.

Ullubiy Khalidov has shortly introduced results in sphere of discovering of new scientific signs in the Qur'an.

Presentation of the book 'Seeking Knowledge'

It is a confirmation by the Qur'an of scientific achievements of the first half of the XX century - discovery of an electron, proton and neutron. It is a decipherment in the Qur'an of such fundamental concept as "heaven", "earth", "heavens", "lowest heaven", "firmly embedded", "lamps" etc. - opening of new layer of concepts, using in the Qur'an. It is different view on the structure of a universe - an availability of a matter in the form of field with unique properties in the whole volume of Universe, a secret of gravitation and inertial motion mechanisms, a reason of variety of physical and chemical properties of bodies, a mechanism of the Universe destruction, and even a structure of an atomic nucleus and a role of neutron in it.

Presentation of the book 'Seeking Knowledge' Muhammad-Nuri Osmanov

Ullubiy Khalidov has announced that their work under the decipherment of the "scientific" ayahs is continuing, and new results have been already got. At the end of the scheduled research it will be published a separate book, devoted to discovery of new "scientific signs" in the Qur'an in the sphere of a structure of a matter and the Universe.

Presentation of the book 'Seeking Knowledge' Magomed Eldarov

The authors have declared that they are planning to take part in 8th Global Conference of the International Commission on Scientific Signs in Qur'an and Sunna in Kuwait in November, 18-21, 2006.

Presentation of the book 'Seeking Knowledge' Achakan Kazbekov

They have also informed that their book "Seeking Knowledge" will be presented at the International Moscow Book Fair, which will be held from 7 to 12 of September, 2005 at the All-Russian Exhibition Centre (pavilion 57, section E64). The book is presented by the Daghestan company JSC "Daghestan-Kniga-Servis".

Presentation of the book 'Seeking Knowledge' Magomed Gadzhiyev

Scientists of Daghestan Scientific Centre of Russian Academy of Sciences and institutes of higher education, representatives of religious circles, public organizations, intellectuals, journalists of Russian and Republican newspapers, journals, TV-channels and Internet-channels.

Presentation of the book 'Seeking Knowledge' Akay Murtazayev

Doctor of philological sciences, professor, the author of translation of Qur'an from Arabic into Russian and comments Muhammad-Nuri Osmanov, academician of the International Academy of Sciences, professor Magomed Eldarov, candidate of physics-mathematical science Achakan Kazbekov, editor-in-chief of Daghestan newspaper "Nur-ul Islam" Magomed Gadzhiyev, deputy director of the Daghestan Scientific Centre of the Russian Academy of Sciences, doctor of physics-mathematical science Akay Murtazayev and others have spoken at the presentation.

Below there are texts of the speeches of Hamid and Ullubiy Khalidov. The speeches of other participants of the presentation will be given here later.

The speech of Hamid Khalidov

The speech of Ullubiy Khalidov

Text of the speech of Hamid Khalidov
(extract of the speech)

Presentation of the book 'Seeking Knowledge' Hamid Khalidov

Assalamu alaykum!

…In this book we also open our vision of the reasons of backlog of the Islamic world's countries, including science and technology. One of these reasons, on our opinion, is spiritual division between the different trends in Islam. I note the fact that in November, last 2004, in the interview to the Russian Internet-channel Islam.ru I said about: "…the necessity of beginning the process of creating a religious center recognized by all trends in Islam has matured a long time ago. The main directions of its activity could be search and strengthening of the common platform for spiritual unification and conciliation of the Muslims, historical analysis of mistakes made by the Ummah, those losses and damage that the community have been suffering, determination of the ways of development of the Muslim community under existing conditions. It appears that one of the immediate and most important results of the activity of the center should become the elaboration of modern communication etiquette for the Ummah representing various trends of Islam. The religious and interethnic intolerance, dissension, oppressions, rudeness in communication etc. within the Ummah must be condemned in the most categorical way".

The importance of these suggestions confirms that for the first time the problems of the Muslims' unity were discussed and strengthened in the decisions of different Islamic conferences and forums, which wert hold in the summer 2005.

So, in June 2005 in Bahrain with approval of Chamber of Deputies it was decided to create "organ main task of which is working-out of common platform for rapprochement of Muslim scientists, which present different trends of Islamic thought, and also creating the conditions for integration of intellectual men's efforts for the benefit of development of the Muslim society".

At the International Muslim conference under the motto "Veritable Islam and its role in modern society", which is taken place in Jordan, July, 2005, the famous Islamic scientists have decided the resulting document, in which they appeal "to the settlement of disagreements between the Muslims, to the unity of their pronouncements and positions, to the strengthening of their respect to each other, to the solidarity of their nations and states, to the consolidation of brotherly relations in order not to keep the reasons for appearance of the unrest and split between them".

The famous scientist from Syria Ramadan Al-Bouti has appeared on the representative Islamic conference, devoting to the counteraction to the pseudoreligious extremism, with the idea of creating the united organ, which will present the Muslims of over the world. "Disagreements at many questions and discrepant views are still between alims, - he has declared. - But now it is time to unite and to organize the united Supreme Islamic Council, which decisions will be definitive".

We are sure, that role of the Russian Muslims will grow in development of the Islamic civilization as a whole...

Thank you for your attention.

Text of the speech of Ullubiy Khalidov
(in a condensed form)

Presentation of the book 'Seeking Knowledge' Ullubiy Khalidov

Assalamu alaykum!

We are glad to meet you here and we hope that this meeting will be both useful and interesting. I will tell you how we have applied to the Sacred Qur'an for searching in it new scientific information, and I will try to be short.

Beginning with 1992, that time I learned at school - it was physics-mathematical class of school-lyceum #39 in Makhachkala, my father more than once told me about his vision on structure of Universe, on gravitation working, on availability of unique medium in the whole volume of the Universe. Such talks have come to more active stage in 2000, when, being in Moscow at the International Book Fair, we acquainted with many works of different authors on this theme. We began to make an abstracts of some theses of my father's hypothesis.

By the way, this time (year 2000) was very important in our lives - we began to pray (make salat) (alhamduliLlah!), to read Islamic literature.

Once at the end of 2001 father sent for me from Moscow (when I studied) to home to tell and discuss the important results in the hypothesis working, which he has got. But that time we were very busy with patenting of our inventions, and we have no time for this important and interesting theme. We even didn't think about publication. As it has proved later, this theme had to come to light in last 2004, and only after the finding its first confirmations in the Sacred Qur'an.

And now we understand that it was a will of Allah. To shake and compel to think of withstood during 100 years views on physics, only such hypothesis could, which finds its confirmation in the Divine Book - Qur'an. However that may be, this hypothesis will demand of its consideration by scientists for the purpose of its correspondence to both given ayahs and up-to-date knowledge about a structure of a universe.

We think it is not casual that this work has appeared just in 2005, which is announced by UNO the International Year of Physics in honour of 100 years anniversary of publication of the famous works of the great scientist Albert Einstein.

And all begin with two ayahs of the Qur'an, 21:33 and 36:40, in which the Highest Allah says that heavenly bodies "float" in space. I have drawn attention on these ayahs when I read books of Harun Yahya. This word "to float" (سَبَحَ) was the first my term, which I have compared with that my father told me about the structure of a universe. In November, 18, 2004 for the first time my father has avowedly emphasized this theme by giving the interview to leading Russian Islamic Internet-channel "Islam.ru". There he has disclosed some theses of his hypothesis, has given four ayahs in its confirmation.

As it has proved later, the term "to float" (سَبَحَ) became the beginning of discovery of new scientific signs in Qur'an. After it we decided to start to full analysis of the Qur'an in Krachkovskiy's translation (into Russian). At some moment we have chosen the necessary for us "scientific" ayahs. The analysis of these ayahs, through the prism of my father's hypothesis, will give us the amazing result - in the Qur'an we have found protons, neutrons and electrons with its designation by the appropriate terms. In March, 10, 2005 my father has first announced about this discovery at the press conference in the Union of Journalists of the Republic of Daghestan.

After it journalist of Daghestan newspaper Khanzhan Kurbanov has suggested us to publish our work. Evidently his sincere faith and professional journalist flair have suggested to him that it is a question of the important discovery. His suggestion has compelled us to write in intensive rate a number of articles, which were published at the pages of Daghestan weekly newspaper "Novoye Delo" in April-May of this year, 2005. During this work every week I had meetings with deputy imam of the central Juma-mosque Zaynulla Atayev. He helped me in the work with the original of the Qur'an. And we express our sincere thanks to him for this.

And now in August our book was published, in which we have included our work on searching and finding the new scientific signs in the Qur'an. This is the short story of our address to the Qur'an.

I am firmly convinced that the theses of my father's hypothesis about the structure of a matter and the Universe have become a key to understanding of a number of "scientific" ayahs of the Qur'an. Without hypothesis we could not find the new scientific signs in the Qur'an. And it is clear, you see, that we have addressed to the same ayahs, which were already explored during many centuries, and these investigations were conducting the most intensive for the last 50 years.

Not to verbalize any longer, I will shortly try to total the achieved results, which can be relatively divided into three directions, fields.

1. The confirmation of the modern scientific achievements. Both the scientific explorations of scientists Jacque Cousteau about non-mixing of seas and Keith Moor about an embryo evolution have found its confirmation in the Qur'an, and the theses of hypothesis of my father helped to decipher new information in this Divine Book. For the first time in the history of exploration of the Qur'an it was found and deciphered information about "bricks" of our universe - protons, neutrons and electrons. And we adduce the concrete terms, under which these particles are deciphered in the appropriate ayahs of the Qur'an, and the logic of our argumentation. We can establish that the Sacred Qur'an has again proved its Divine Nature.

2. The decipherment and comment of "scientific" ayahs of the Qur'an. Relying on my father's hypothesis about structure of a matter and the Universe, we, as we think, could decipher in some ayahs of the Qur'an the following fundamental terms and expressions: "heaven", "earth", "heavens", "lowest heaven", "firmly embedded", "lamps" etc. In other words we have opened a new layer of concepts, using in this Sacred Book. And one of the main total of this work is using of a new methodology in a searching of new information in the Qur'an.

3. The different view on the structure of a universe. In his hypothesis of structure of a matter and the Universe my father has advanced a number of original ideas about an availability of a matter in the form of field with unique properties in the whole volume of Universe, a secret of gravitation and inertial motion mechanisms, a reason of variety of physical and chemical properties of bodies, a mechanism of the Universe destruction, and a structure of an atomic nucleus and a role of neutron in it. And even all these ideas contrary to the official science data, but they, on our opinion, find its confirmation in ayahs of the Sacred Qur'an. Now we can announce with certainty, that in the Qur'an it is opened such complex theme for modern scientists as a mechanism of formation of energy, heat, light in our Universe.

Now I would like to address to as important theme as using the translations of the Qur'an at the analysis of its ayahs. We will try to express our point of view, but only on the ayahs which carry scientific information in the field of structure of a universe. In our work we use such term as "scientific" ayahs. Under this term we have in view ayahs in which the scientists in the natural sciences can find and use information for a searching new knowledge or a confirmation of present knowledge.

Our analysis of the translations of "scientific" ayahs of the Qur'an into Russian (Sablukov, Krachkovskiy, Porokhova, Osmanov, Kuliyev, Shumovskiy) and into English (Yusuf Ali, Asad, Bewley, Daryabadi, Hilali/Khan, Pickthall, Qaribullah/Darwish, Sarwar), and also comment of the Qur'an "Al-Muntakhab", has shown that most of translators diverge from a literal translations of these ayahs. Using the comments of previous scientists, which are based on a level of a science development at those historical stage, and literary art, translators distort these ayahs which are important for perception of a universe.

We think that it is necessary to approach to the translation of such ayahs very carefully. And there is a simple and quite logical explanation. The perception of a universe by man is developing from year to year, and XX century has particularly shown it. But even it has not given answers to many fundamental questions about a universe structure. And the Qur'an is the Book of All-Knowing, Creating our Universe, Allah, and many secrets of this Book, as the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him!) said, will be discovered till the End of the Universe!

Therefore we join to the opinion of those commentators (As Suyuti, Ibn Battal and other), who said that "it is necessary to impart the Divine Revelation, but it must consist of two parts: in first part it is necessary to impart words and meaning literally - i.e. Qur'an as itself, in second part it is possible to impart only its meanings, but not literally, i.e. now it will not be a text of the Qur'an, but its comment" (Al-Muntakhab: Kazan (Russia), 2001, p. 11). We think it especially concerns to the translation and comment of the "scientific" ayahs. Here it is necessary maximally to keep a literal translation, if the translator even does not understand meaning of such translation. As early as X century, you see, famous commentator of the Qur'an At-Tabari said: "Our duty is to keep silence, when we don't know". But for all that to do comments at the end of book, in which it will be given both other possible, taking into account richness of Arabic, translations, and all well-known comments of meaning of scientific fact, contained in this ayah. Only such translation of the "scientific" ayahs will allow to scientist to compare his scientific conclusions or other known to science conclusions on its correspondence or non-correspondence to information, concluded in the words of ayah.

The analysis of the translations (Russian and English) of "scientific" ayahs of the Qur'an of the above-stated translators and the comparison with the original of the Qur'an have shown that only Krachkovskiy has translated the most of these ayahs the most literally, and just this translation lead us onto discoveries. At the first stage of our investigation this translation was an important step for us. But at the next stage in light of the new understanding of the "terms" of the Qur'an, such translation is evidently insufficient.

And we now begin to work with original of the Qur'an, and it has been got new results, about which it does not say in the presented book today. And our work under the decipherment of the "scientific" ayahs of the Qur'an is continuing. And if Allah will give us knowledge and possibility, at the end of the scheduled investigation we will publish a separate book devoted to discovery of new "scientific signs" in the Qur'an in the field of structure of a universe.

Owing to the decipherment of some concepts in the Qur'an and discovery of its new meanings, we sure, that many ayahs of the Qur'an will be perceived by scientists - physicists and philosopher - in new light. And in the XXI century the Qur'an will indeed show the way even for such complex science as physics!

Thank you for your attention.

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