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"Seeking Knowledge"

(in Russian)

Prospect of inventions 'Engineer Khalidov's Global Projects' (in Russian)

Prospect of inventions 'Engineer Khalidov's Global Projects' (in Russian)

Seeking Knowledge
(in Russian)
Hamid Khalidov, Ullubiy Khalidov
ISBN: 5-94434-052-5
232 p.
"Novy Den" publishing house
Makhachkala, Daghestan Republic, Russia

Front cover in English

Back cover in English

Magomed Eldarov

Deputy Editor
Oleg Sanayev

Cover design, computer layout and illustrations
Ullubiy Khalidov

Computer graphics
Dmitriy Samokhvalov, Ruslan Babayev

Shamil Aliaskhabov

Zaira Zaydiyeva

    Editorial board


Editorial board

Chairman of the editorial board
Osmanov M.-N.
- the Russia State Prize laureate, director of Institute of Islamic Affairs of Daghestan State University, doctor of philological sciences, professor, the author of translation of Qur'an from Arabic into Russian and comments

Eldarov M.
- professor, academician of the International Academy of Sciences

Deputy editor
Sanayev O.
- deputy editor of newspaper "Daghestanskaya Pravda" (Truth of Daghestan)

Aliyev A. - honored inventor of Russia, doctor of technical sciences, professor, academician of the Russian Academy of Cosmonautics

Atayev Z. - deputy Imam of central Juma-mosque of Makhachkala (Daghestan)

Butayev A. - doctor of technical sciences, professor

Kazbekov A. - head of Scientific-organizational Department of Daghestan Scientific Center of Russian Academy of Sciences, candidate of physics-mathematical science

Kurbanov Kh. - journalist

Shakhbanov Y. - head of Department of Scientific and Technological Development and Innovation Policy of the Ministry of Industry and Science of Daghestan Republic

Efendiyev K. - journalist, translator


The selected proceedings, at which the authors worked last seven years, are presented in the book. For the first time it has gathered works, which range covers the scientific and technological projects of a global scale, which base on 101 inventions, the concrete suggestions on a reform of the present unjust international system of the protection of the intellectual property, the search and analysis of reasons of the backlog of the Islamic world in science and engineering, the discovery of a new scientific signs in the Sacred Qur'an.

The authors have discovered a new page in understanding of the contained in the Qur'an information about the structure of a matter and the Universe, have applied the new methodology in a search of scientific information and have opened the layer of new concepts in this Sacred Book. Undoubtedly, these discoveries of the scientists-muslims will exert a great influence on the understanding of the nature of a universe by the science.

The found and deciphered by the authors information in the Qur'an about the "Heaven", the "Earth", the "Heavens", the "balance" of the "Heaven", the fundamental "bricks" - protons, neutrons, electrons - will permit to hope that it will be necessarily found the answer to the main, exciting lucid minds of mankind for the thousands years question on the nature and the structure of the world surrounding us. The authors have given their variant of answer in this book.

Presentation of the book "Seeking knowledge"

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