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Prospect of inventions
"Engineer Khalidov's Global Projects"

(in English)

Prospect of inventions 'Engineer Khalidov's Global Projects' (in Russian)

Prospect of inventions 'Engineer Khalidov's Global Projects' (in Russian)

Engineer Khalidov's
Global Projects

(in English)
Hamid Yusupovich Khalidov
24 p.
Public unitary enterprise "Republican newspaper-journal printing office"
Makhachkala, Daghestan Republic, Russia

Oleg Sanayev -
editor-in-chief of weekly newspaper "Novoye Delo"

Kamil Magomedov

Shamil Aliaskhabov

Computer graphics
Dmitriy Samokhvalov, Ruslan Babayev

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Taghir Omarov

    From the author

    From the editor

From the author

Dear sirs!

The world around us is rapidly developing and integrating. The civilization has solved or is close to solving the most important common to all mankind problems. But development of the civilization has generated a great number of problems. Urgency of solving these problems has reached a critical point and has become obvious to the whole world community. In this work we submit for your consideration the possible ways of solving some of these problems.

These are the following problems: providing mankind with fresh water, ensuring safety of passengers and freight when transporting by air and by sea, express and confidential mail service, universalization of keyboard functions for electronic devices.

As a Muslim, I feel special content by presenting the project of supplying fresh water and cooled air to pilgrims performing Hajj.

It is necessary to note that the projects have successfully undergone scientific, technical and ecological examinations by experts' commissions, were demonstrated at various international conferences and exhibitions, have received the world's recognition. These projects are based on the latest inventions and are covered by patents.

I have a strong belief that the time has come for their practical realization. In this situation big statesmen and businessmen with world-scale thinking, capable of foreseeing the ways of development of science and technology and of all humane civilization, must say their word. Undoubtedly, the world has such leaders, and I'm appealing to them to determine ways and modes of implementing the represented projects for the good of mankind.

Let The Highest help us!

From the editor

Well, you've become acquainted with the global projects and several inventions of engineer Hamid Khalidov from Daghestan, the most southern republic of the Russian Federation, which has mainly the Moslem population. And if the title "Global projects…" seems to you too promotional pretending to its exclusiveness, and hence hardly practicable, I'd like to warn you of hasty conclusions. As a person, who has been watching Hamid Khalidov's creative work for almost twenty years, I can say that such title is not more than an accurate landmark, border, if you want… In other words, the man is truly representing to world community the inventions that, in his view, have a global importance, and is offering to make use of them. And if, say after ten years, his new work booklet will be called "Space Projects", this also will be neither lie nor advertising.

I dare to assert the above said because all the previous years I witnessed creating of foundation for today's global projects. The foundation was a number of much more modest, local, general-technical projects, but it doesn't mean they were secondary or unnecessary, though. These inventions already at that time showed his brilliant mind, his unexpected implementation of long ago known things and events, and his amazing diversification: from systematization of (in pre-computer time) motor transport tracking with a view to search without delay motor vehicles escaping after committing a crime, to inventing ways of rescuing air passengers and industrial technologies of obtaining thawed water.

I would like to quote two episodes remained in my memory because of their polarity, contrast of heat, or rather very high temperatures, and cold, or rather Siberia's severe cold.

Many years ago in the neighborhood of Daghestan's capital — Makhachkala an oil gusher started blazing. Since it takes weeks and months to struggle with this disaster, the whole town visited that place to watch as a wonder the giant flame body and listen to its wild roar. At one of such trips, watching through binoculars the flame column spurting from the ground, Hamid right then offered the way of extinguishing the fire. "It is necessary to set powder charge around the mouth of the oil well", he said, "When burning the charge the combustion products will cut off the flame from oxygen, and it will go out". Obviously he shared this idea not only with me, since this method was patented soon. But, alas, not by Hamid. He was taught in such a way still for a long time, so that he stopped to dissipate his ideas prodigally. So the technology of unloading tank-wagons with oil frozen in Siberia's winter conditions has been already patented by Khalidov.

Nobody knows why in hot Daghestan he has occupied himself with the problem, which was so uncommon for local reality. Maybe he did this on a bet, or maybe he was astonished with labor and cost expenses of heating tank-wagons by steam to get the oil liquefied in winter conditions. For me, as for an oil industry's engineer, it was a pleasure to see and read the certificate of authorship on invention for using liquid-spring high pressure screw threading oil in layers and distilling it down to the tank port: easy, elegant (if you can say so about oil unloading) and practicable.

Of course, against the offered today really global projects applied to oceans and atmosphere (fleet and aviation), telecommunication and computers, these two episodes from the youth of 51-year-old inventor seem simple and ordinary, but I am quoting them as an illustration of that today's flight of Hamid Khalidov's creative productivity (more than 60 patents in two years!) is based on stable foundation not only of versatile knowledge, but also of permanent strong will to create and his firm belief that our world can be improved in every way, and hence it is not hostile for us.

The way passed by the engineer-inventor in twenty years, the amazing range of his ideas and workings from the ordinary work-improvement suggestions to projects establishing new directions in the development of world economy and capable of creating hundreds of thousands of extra workplaces — all this impels to think about the background of the novel creative work, about the inventor's motives for generating the brilliant engineering solutions. What is this? An incomprehensible for others irradiation, like poet's or composer's, a quick response to momentary demands of life, or a hard work, which, if saying in high-flown manner, becomes the form of protection of the civilization from man-caused and natural threats?

After all it is not quite by accident that were close and almost coincided these two dates: on the 9th of March 2000 well-known journalist Artem Borovik died in one of the air crashes in Russia, and already on the 22nd of March, being shocked with the tragedy Hamid Khalidov made 7 applications for invented by him modes and means of rescuing passengers of a disabled aircraft. It should be noted that the developed by him system of air passengers rescue makes hi-jacking of airplanes for the purpose of taking hostages and performing terrorist acts impossible and senseless. The urgency of these workings is obvious today as never before. The implementation of these ideas will stop the number of victims of terrible airplane crashes and recover people's trust in aviation. By the way, his another global project "Alive Water" is humanistic also and is aimed at saving people from thirst and catastrophic changes of the world's climate. And this is a guarantee of that these problems are to be solved sooner or later anyway, but the solution has been already offered and it has been worked out in detail up to design of equipment and tariffs. Take it and use it!

I have to admit that many years of being familiar and communicating with Hamid Khalidov have done me an ill turn, if I can say so. At a short distance I have not perceived, have not understood and appreciated at once the extent of gifts of my countryman and friend without a sign of intellectual snobbery and pretensions to exclusiveness. But I console myself that it is not just my fault: we are unable to estimate the real scale of our contemporaries. In accord with American ideas just 2-3 patents for inventions already make an engineer's way to the intellectual elite of society. And Hamid Yusupovich has dozens of patents, which are bound in special folders and are read as an enthralling science fiction. The case with his project for salvaging the crashed rocket carrier submarine "Kursk" shows that he on his own can compete with scientific research institutes. And not being an aircraft specialist, Hamid on equals communicated with the participants of air show "MAKS" in Zhukovskiy, disputing about flight safety problems. As a matter of fact he needs from 30 minutes to an hour to convince any sceptic or a conservative, and his successful reports at the international engineering and scientific congresses, economic forums confirm that it is just so… Moreover, the very 63 received patents in two years from 93 applied inventions! And none of the applications for patents has been refused yet. More than 20 inventions are being prepared for application. Plus the great number of publications (about two hundred) in native and foreign journals and newspapers, in special editions, and television attention. And it is not a sport or a bet, - who gets more applications and publications, and not a will to get into Guinness's Book of Records. I think it is a need of great intellect and kind heart to work for the good of people and country.

It is fearful to call him Leonardo da Vinchi of present days, but it is pity to wait until other will do so. Such a man is this inventor from Daghestan, as a magician able to improve everything he touches. In any case, he knows how it works.

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