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Express-mail System "ASePOST"

automatically sealed electronic post

In the 21st century, despite of the rapid growth of Internet and growth of electronic mail capacity, forwarding of paper mail via post offices still remains the basic mode of information transfer. Moreover, analyses of leading western companies show that paper mail is more comprehensible, customary and easily perceived for the majority of information consumers.

We offer the mail express-system ASePOST, which has no analogues and that provides the high-speed service of personal mail transfer and delivery (from 1 to 24 hours), preserving confidentiality and safety of post transfer.

Express-system ASePOST includes:

  • Automatic postal machine for mail forwarding PEB
  • Automatic postal machine for mail receiving ASEPA
  • Mail Internet-server supporting this express-system
  • Telecommunications network connecting automatic postal machines and mail Internet-server.

A letter, a telegram, a greeting card etc. can be transferred within this system. For the convenience of clients postal machines can be stationed in post offices and other public places. Constructively it is possible to combine coin-operated telephones with postal machines.

The mail system ASePOST allows combining an advantage of ordinary post - information confidentiality when sending and receiving mail, - with an advantage of electronic mail - speed of mail delivery from a sender to an addressee. At that, postal costs of the ASePOST are close to the existing postal prices. The mail express-system ASePOST solves one of the important state tasks by providing public security, since the letters will be opened and sealed in envelopes by automatic postal machines with strictly limited access.

Development prospects of the mail system ASePOST are highly promising. In the course of time the postal electronic boxes and postal receiving machines will take place next to phone in institutions, banks, offices, houses, and as the phone in the 20th century will be placed in every corner of the planet in the 21st century.

ASePOST telecommunications network
ASePOST telecommunications network

ASePOST telecommunications network
DPS - Department of Postal Service
FPSA - Federal Postal Service Agency
PO - Post Office
TFON - trunk fiber-optic network
PEB - postal electronic box for mail forwarding
ASEPA - postal machine for mail receiving
PEB/ASEPA - postal machine for mail forwarding/receiving
RU - remote user
IP-T - Internet-Protocol Telephone
MT - mobile telephone




Express-mail System "ASePOST"

Express-mail System "ASePOST"

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